Wood Mackenzie Ltd: Upstream M&A erupts


Puffs of smoke a year ago indicated a reawakening of the M&A market. A full blown volcanic eruption has duly followed, deals pouring out of the US Lower48 and activity spreading out across the globe over the last few months.read more

Wood Mackenzie Ltd: Wood Mackenzie Report: UKCS Decommissioning


In 2015 operators have reacted to the low oil price environment by deferring spend, and delaying sanction of new developments. Without continued investment in the UK, especially in mature fields with ageing facilities, the decommissioning glut is looming. We have analysed the impact of the low oil price on the timing of cessation, retained decommissioning liabilities and batch decommissioning. read more

Wood Mackenzie Ltd: Upstream cost cuts must go deeper to save projects


In a comprehensive analysis looking at the impact of cost deflation on the global upstream oil & gas sector, Wood Mackenzie concludes that while operators are seeking an average cost reduction of 20-30% on projects, supply chain savings through squeezing the service sector will only achieve around 10-15% on average. read more

Wood Mackenzie Ltd: October could shape up as one of the most pivotal months in the oil and gas industry


The last two months have been eerily parallel to last summer – oil price starts sliding on concern about strong supply growth in July, then in August focus shifts to worries about the health of oil demand. It is in this market environment that October could shape up as one of the most pivotal months in the oil and gas industry – not just for 2016, but potentially through 2020.read more

Wood Mackenzie Ltd: While the world's largest growing energy market slows, a new sector is on the rise. Clean energy takes centre stage.


Over the past year, the energy industry has been hit with the lowest commodity prices in over a decade. The price challenge is not a new one in such a cyclical industry, yet this time the downturn is different. Not only have factors like a shift in OPEC strategy or an economic recession come into play, but key long-term risks (flagged in Wood Mackenzie’s Risk Tracker earlier this year) are now coming to fruition and changing our perspective on future opportunities in the global energy market.read more