Unisys: Policing’s Big Data problem and how to fix it


The benefits of data analytics in policing are huge. Today, we’re already seeing the benefits of analysing data from body cameras, sensor networks and smart devices. The insights derived from this data can help police forces become more efficient and effective at predicting and deterring crime. But for big data to reach its full potential within policing, a rethink of how it is gathered, handled and analysed is required.read more

Unisys: 7 Things Healthcare Organizations Need to Know About GDPR


As the world becomes more globalised, and personal data is stored and stretched beyond national borders via the cloud and web servers all over the world, healthcare organisations are no longer the only entities being held liable for the data they hold. Governments are increasingly concerned with protecting the privacy of their citizens, and the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the latest data protection law to sprout up amid growing privacy concerns worldwide.read more

Unisys: Biometrics, AI to Have Big Year in FinTech: Unisys


Biometric and artificial intelligence technologies will have a big year in the financial services sector, and will help smaller banks to offer cutting-edge solutions to their customers, predicts Unisys. The company says that this is the year that “biometric authentication will go mainstream”, according to a statement announcing its predictions.read more

Unisys: Ransomware and DoS attacks will continue to grow in 2018


The 2018 ransomware rollercoaster will be a rough ride for consumers and business alike, says DomainTools' senior security researcher Kyle Wilhoit. In 2017, threats such as phishing, ransomware, and massive data breaches plagued consumers and businesses. TechRepublic's Dan Patterson spoke with DomainTools' senior security researcher Kyle Wilhoit to discuss what cybersecurity threats will be popular in 2018.read more

Unisys: Ransomware is now a $2 billion-per-year criminal industry


Ransomware payments in 2017 will hit a record $2 billion, according to a new research from the cybersecurity firm Bitdefender. That figure would make 2017 the most costly year ever for ransomware, doubling the $1 billion paid out by ransomware victims in 2016 and skyrocketing above the $24 million paid in 2015. The upward trend will likely continue into 2018 as malware becomes more sophisticated and difficult to stop.read more

Unisys: The Ten Cybersecurity Commandments


Cybersecurity Awareness Month is, once again, upon us. At its core is an issue that can have a massive impact on organizations in every industry, public and private, large and small: successful cyberattacks and how to prevent them from happening in the first place.read more

Unisys: How to Get Started with Big Data


Data is really important. How important is it? Working, manipulating, and analysing data is now pushing forward several technologies, including AI, robotics process automation, neural networks, advanced automation and orchestration, and much more. Big data is allowing business to make better decisions impacting both the user and the overall market.read more

Unisys: Signals You Can't See: How Analytics Is Altering The Retail Experience


Many of the biggest changes in retail are invisible to shoppers. Consumers are familiar with more creative displays, new store formats or better in-store service, but they’re likely less aware of the innovations of analytics: An application that can predict what a given shopper is likely to want to try on; the preferred payment method of a particular consumer; whether you want to talk to a sales associate or just go straight to check out.read more