ThoughtWorks: Reliability under abnormal conditions — Part One


Keeping complex distributed systems available to service customer requests under peak load is hard. The challenge is exacerbated by a number of factors: the combination of increasing number of services, servers and external integrations and the rapid pace of new feature delivery; heavy spikes in load during annual peak periods; and traffic anomalies driven by promotions and external events. Luckily, there are strategies that support your ability to serve your customers and keep generating revenue by limiting the impact of problems — even if it is not feasible to reduce the risk to more

ThoughtWorks: Macro trends in the tech industry


Twice a year we create the ThoughtWorks Technology Radar, an opinionated look at what’s happening in the enterprise tech world. Creating the Radar involves a significant chunk of our senior techies from around the globe, and as we discuss individual blips we also talk about bigger trends. This article is a consolidation of those “macro trends” that we see in the tech industry more

ThoughtWorks: GDPR: it’s time to rethink your approach to privacy


From May 2018, UK companies could face huge fines for failing to comply with new data rules that many seem unprepared for. But instead of viewing the General Data Protection Regulations as yet another tick-box compliance issue, it might pay to take a more strategic view. At ThoughtWorks, we think GDPR should fundamentally change the way you think about customer more

ThoughtWorks: Why conversational UI? Why now?


The mobile era has shifted our society from always on to always on demand. The standard of always on, which caused a great shift in social and workforce dynamics, is a remnant of the desktop and Blackberry era. read more

ThoughtWorks: Idea to product: the working model


A McKinsey report talks about how product excellence provides a key competitive advantage to companies that master their intricacies. However, consistently achieving high performance in this area remains a constant challenge for even the most innovative more

ThoughtWorks: ThoughtWorks Releases First-Ever Report on Courageous Leadership Among Successful C-Suite Executives


Today, ThoughtWorks, a global software consultancy released a first of its kind report, "The Next Big Disruption: Courageous Executives", revealing what sets top business leaders apart from their competition. The report profiles an elite segment of C-Suite leaders referred to as "Courageous Executives" in the US, the UK, Australia and India and the findings underscore the critical role technology plays in business strategy, from navigating the chaos of digital transformation to how they're setting their business up for future success. read more

ThoughtWorks: Revving Up Your Engine: The Nuts and Bolts |


Without a doubt, every industry is being impacted by the exponential rate of technological change these days. Consider this – 2017 is the 10-year anniversary of the iPhone. Today, there are 2.6 billion smartphone subscriptions globally, and that number is expected to increase to 6.1 billion smartphone users by 2020. Simply put, we are at an exciting inflection point in our collective history as science fiction becomes our more

ThoughtWorks: The New Tech Industry Macro Trends


We publish our Technology Radar twice a year: it’s a snapshot of the major technologies and trends that glean from our work, partnering on our clients' most ambitious projects. In this piece, we highlight some of the wider trends that emerge from compiling the Radar, but which aren't covered directly.​read more

ThoughtWorks: Women in Work and the Tech Industry


Why Inclusivity, Equity and Leadership are key. Recently, I found an annual report from my first employer, a large UK firm, where I was one of six graduate trainees, with five of us being women. At that stage in my life, I didn't even think about equality and diversity, and assumed the notion of 'work hard and you will be rewarded whatever your gender', would be more

ThoughtWorks: The Rise of the Serial Innovator


We live in one of history's great eras of opportunity. In the years ahead incredible things will be done in the name of innovation, ultimately replacing an economic system that has been the foundation for employment and wealth for hundreds of years. There are deep dangers more

ThoughtWorks: Bridging Digital Divide In Underprivileged Communities


Access to information strongly depends on people’s socio-economic status. Although this seems to be a worldwide problem, it's even more pronounced in the Global South (GS). Underprivileged communities in this particular region of the world continue to be denied equal access to information, because of their poor socio-economic more