MCA announces finalists for 2019 consultancy awards


The MCA, the Management Consultancies Association, is delighted to announce that 40 of the UK’s leading consulting firms have been shortlisted in the MCA Awards. PwC lead with 11 finalists, followed very closely by EY with 9 and Coeus Consulting with 7. The UK’s specialist SME consulting firms are well represented this year, with 22 firms making it through to the interview stage. Every year the MCA Awards provide a unique opportunity to see the work that consultants are producing across the country for both the public and private sector, providing value to the UK economy and wider society. Finalists have been recognised for the challenging issues and projects they have completed with positive client feedback and support. Many big name firms and organisations are represented in the work carried out by consultancies this year including Network Rail, Dixons Carphone, Transport for London, the NHS, E.on, Thomas Cook Money and Central Government.
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Helping clients grow the top line: We need stories, not myths


Clients, faced with global economic uncertainty and political meltdown, know they can’t rely on cost cutting to survive. Yes, there’s always more that can be done, but most have spent decades doing so much that most future gains will be incremental, writes Fiona Czerniawska of Source Global Research..... read more

Capgemini UK plc: Brave New World - balancing recruiting for skills for now versus skills for the future - by our People Matter Blog


The Economist quotes research conducted by Frey and Osborne (2013) which found there is a high likelihood of jobs such as telemarketing and audit will become computerised in two decades. The reason for this is simple; the combination of big data and smart machines will make computers better at things like text mining and providing insights from data more

Can the US consulting market keep growing at its current rate?


Nothing lasts for ever, certainly not upswings in the economic cycle states Fiona Czerniawska from Source. Yet the US consulting market, despite its size and maturity, has been growing faster than the average global rate for the last five years – and looks set to exceed the latter again in 2015 (our latest report on the US market predicts 10% growth, led by risk and regulation, and technology).read more

Making the most of a wealth of infrastructure finance


The world will need to spend almost $57 trillion on new infrastructure over the next 15 years, according to the McKinsey Global Institute. That’s an enormous sum, but contrary to popular belief, there is no shortage of capital; in fact, there will be more than enough as both governments and investors increase their focus on more

Lower oil prices but more renewables: What’s going on?


Not that long ago, the plunge in oil prices that has occurred over the past year would have been to renewables what kryptonite was to Superman, as the Financial Times put it. Not any more. Yes, it’s true that American investors would have been better off putting their money into the S&P 500 from April 2014 to April 2015 than in clean-tech funds. That was the period that saw oil prices drop from almost $100 to less than $50 a barrel, before recovering a bit. But in the first quarter of 2015, many clean-tech funds handily outperformed the S&P. Moreover, the sector did not see a wave of bankruptcies and pullbacks like the one that scarred it a decade ago, when a glut of Chinese manufacturing drove dozens of solar companies into oblivion. In fact, global clean-energy investments increased 17 percent in 2014, reaching $270 billion, reversing two years of declines. While government-policy support remains crucial, renewable companies also did well raising money in the markets; equity investment rose 54 percent in more

And so, adieu


On the eve of his departure from these pages, our management consultancy columnist Mick James bewails the fact that the reading public only gains fragmentary glimpses of the impact consultancy makes on their lives. read more

HR Faces Crisis of Credibility in the Boardroom


HR leaders are facing a crisis of credibility among their senior peers, due to an overreliance on instinct when making decisions. Research released today by KPMG, and conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit, shows that one in five C-Suite executives (19%) think their HR strategy doesn't take into account hard data relating to their business or staff. read more