REPL Consulting: Understanding the Power of Retail Technology for your Business


In the rollercoaster world of retail, never has a truer word been spoken. Stand still and you won’t just get left behind, you could disappear completely. Look no further than Toys R Us, Maplin and Multiyork: big names that will be best remembered as high street casualties. In the current climate, profitability challenges can be found down every more

REPL Consulting: Why do we Need WFM?


Workforce Management (WFM) touches all kinds of businesses, too much perhaps to summarise in a few short paragraphs. As such I’m going to focus on retail; which is arguably the progenitor of the entire WFM more

REPL Consulting: Gen Z will shop in-store as much as online


Retail must become more personalised, interactive and omni-channel by 2020, according to the findings of a new white paper, titled Future Trends in Consumer Behaviour, developed by global payment solutions firm, Acapture. The report explores the preferences of the youngest and largest set of digital native consumers – millennials and generation more

REPL Consulting: Why Workforce Management Software Is the Way Forward!


Companies choose to implement workforce management and mobile tools to enhance their workforce and improve customer satisfaction. Workforce mobility apps allow managers to; input and edit schedules, confirm availability, clock in and out, set work preferences and much more! In addition, by harnessing the power of mobile, employees can balance their work-life better whilst achieving cost savings. read more