PwC: Blockchain: Is your business ready?


Blockchain-based technology has the enormous power to scale rapidly while keeping us protected. It rewards trust and tracks accountability. In a digital world that has become so distributed, blockchain could revolutionise business practices as we know more

PwC: Tech needs more chocolate fountains


That's right, I said it: the UK tech sector needs more chocolate fountains. I'm not talking about supplying tech events up and down the nation with indulgent desserts, I'm referring to a delicious metaphorical more

PwC: Explainable AI


Artificial Intelligence is growing in sophistication, complexity and autonomy. Opening up transformational opportunities for business and society. At the same time, it makes explainability ever more more

PwC: PwC aims to push diversity with pro-bono initiative


Professional services firm PwC has become an ‘affiliate firm’ to Aspiring Solicitors – the first venture by the pro bono volunteering unit at PwC’s legal arm. Thirty volunteers from PwC’s legal network will act ‘professional ambassadors’ to Aspiring Solicitors, providing mentoring and support to young people looking to more

PwC: Blockchain: Recording the music industry


Blockchain is the technology that sits behind a new kind of database called a distributed ledger. It gives us a much more secure way to store and manage data. It has the potential to save the music industry billions by revolutionising the rights and royalties process, ensuring artists, writers, publishers and everyone in the music industry value chain is paid more

PwC wins five titles at the MCA Awards


PwC’s consulting capabilities have been recognised at the annual Management Consultancies Association (MCA) Awards, with the firm winning five awards, including the overall Project of the Year, and highly commended in three categories. The Awards, now in their 21st year, are seen as a benchmark for quality within the consulting industry. read more

PwC: Outperforming the human: How can machine learning help your business?


Every week, it seems someone produces a new estimate for how much data we produce. According to the research company IDC, by 2025 we will have created 163 zettabytes. That’s the equivalent of 40 trillion DVDs, or the entire Netflix catalogue 489 million times over. Technology allows us to gather, organise and analyse these vast volumes of data – but a potential weakness remains, and that stems from human more