PA Consulting Group: Data driven healthcare is the new reality


Effective use of data should be at the heart of healthcare management. It should inform all planning, action and decision making. After all, using data to inform diagnoses, treatment planning and evaluation is at the cornerstone of how clinicians care effectively for patients. read more

PA Consulting Group: How will HR change in the world of AI?


The age of artificial intelligence is unfolding fast. Businesses are automating functions, from ordering parts and processing insurance claims, to maintaining machines and serving customers. They're seeing the chance to become more efficient and offer better service than the competition. For the board, it's a world of potentially rising revenues and bigger profits. But what about the people?read more

PA Consulting Group: We're growing... and moving


We're delighted to let you know that after 25 years at our 123 Buckingham Palace Road headquarters, we’re moving to brand new offices at 10 Bressenden Place. Our firm is growing, as our clients and PA people work together to make a difference. Our new and exciting space will inspire us all to even greater success in the more

PA Consulting Group: Artificial intelligence, real value


Science fiction writer William Gibson famously said that "the future is already here – it's just not very evenly distributed". He could easily have been describing the current state of AI and automation. While some companies are wholly built around machine learning, and sectors like financial services and online retail have used it for decades, others are still only scratching the more

PA Consulting Group: What’s on at Disruption Summit Europe 2017


Tuesday 5th of September will see the launch of the inaugural Disruption Summit Europe hosted by D/SRUPTION in partnership with PA Consulting Group. Throughout the day, speakers representing some of Europe’s leading organisation and most innovative startups will take to the stage. . . here’s what to look forward to:read more

PA Consulting Group: Roger Federer and the art of Agile


Strategy expert at PA Consulting Group, Alan Treadgold writes an opinion article for Brand Quarterly in which he shares his insights on what we can learn from the tennis star, Roger Federer when it comes to implementing an Agile business more

PA Consulting Group: The future of work is already here


The future of work is not a destination we’re heading towards. It’s somewhere we’ve already arrived at. Everything we’ve taken for granted about work is changing; the ways in which we forge a career, commute and learn, who we work with and how long we work for are all being more

PA Consulting Group: Was WannaCry the wake-up call for global IT security?


Ken Allan, security expert at PA Consulting Group shares his insights on the recent WannaCry ransomware which brought global systems to a standstill. The article notes that Friday May 12 may be seen as a turning point for global IT security – the date when the Wannacry ransomware code infected more than 200,000 computers in 150 countries in the space of a few days. read more