PA Consulting Group: Driving into a low emissions future


Minds have been increasingly focused on the European Union 2021 CO₂ emissions targets. According to our latest analysis, some car makers have got their strategy right and will meet their targets easily, but others have woken up too late and will struggle. While many of these late risers have plans for new low emission models, it will be hard for them to implement their plans fast enough to make a real more

PA Consulting Group: How would a No-Deal Brexit affect data protection?


The EU and UK negotiators have agreed the technical details of a Brexit deal. Yet, with less than five months until the UK leaves the EU and considering the UK and each EU country needs to sign off on the deal, the likelihood of a No-Deal Brexit is still high. And this has raised questions around the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).read more

PA Consulting Group: Smart cities: Is cyber security an issue?


Cities around the globe are having to become digitally smarter to maintain economic, social and environmental sustainability. City services and resources are under pressure to keep up with the demands of digital-savvy populations generating masses of data and wanting to connect with their surroundings. But how can we ensure new digital services are cyber secure?read more

PA Consulting Group: How 12 disruptive technologies can help organisations meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals


Technology innovation has been one of the great drivers of progress for humanity. From accessing clean water and manufacturing sustainably, to reducing poverty and ensuring health and well-being for all, we’ve turned to technology. In an increasingly crowded and connected world however, the barriers to progress can appear impossibly difficult. And we now face a set of systemic challenges of a scale and complexity not seen more

PA Consulting Group: How can HE prepare itself – and its students – for the workplace of the future?


“We no longer know who students will be once they leave,” says Jennifer Cable, a consultant in the talent management team at PA Consulting, reflecting on the radically different jobs alumni could be doing in decades to come and how this will impact what higher education has to offer. “Before, the dominant trend was to finish school and go to university staying in the same professional area for life. In the future the pace of technological change will mean the blend of students and approaches to studying will need to be quite different for individuals to continuously learn to keep employable.”read more

PA Consulting Group: Arm: Getting into shape for growth by switching to Agile working


Technology business Arm has ambitious plans for growth. Named one of Europe’s most innovative companies by Forbes magazine, they design the microchips found in 90 per cent of all mobile devices. To achieve their goals they need an IT organisation that can deliver new projects quickly and reliably. They asked us to help transform their existing IT function. They wanted to replace their traditional project management culture with an Agile approach – and prioritise collaboration and creating more

PA Consulting Group: Shining a light on dark data


Austerity has forced authorities to prioritise the services they offer and to target the groups who can benefit most from the allocation of diminishing resources. All that has to be done alongside reducing overall demand and signposting where self-service options and third party support can be used before the council has to intervene. To do this effectively and to make the right strategic and evidence-based decisions requires information and more

PA Consulting Group: What’s happening to individual privacy in today’s Total Digital world?


The UK privacy watchdog – the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) – plans to fine Facebook £500,000 for its part in the Cambridge Analytica scandal. As the breach took place before the EU GDPR came into effect, this is the largest possible penalty. But if the scandal had hit today, the ICO could have fined Facebook four per cent of global turnover - that’s £1.6 more

PA Consulting Group: How to tackle illicit trade


The financial cost of illicit trade is high, with the toy industry taking a £400 million hit, for example. And society is suffering too, with the independent retail sector recruiting 12,000 fewer people. And the problem is more