Moorhouse Consulting: Five professionals join London-based consulting firm Moorhouse


UK headquartered consultancy Moorhouse has welcomed five new professionals to its London team. Andy Hemsley joins the firm as Client Director and Leader of Financial Services Sector at Moorhouse, Nikitha Yereddi and Emily Blampied both arrive as Senior Consultants, Tom Clark has been appointed as an Account Development Manager, while Clarke Dodd begins life at Moorhouse as a Management more

Moorhouse Consulting: What’s next for regulation in the Telecoms industry?


Early last year, we remarked on the new trends in regulation in the Telecoms, Media and Technology industry. 2016/17 was certainly busy, with regulators issuing record fines, blocking the proposed merger of O2 and Three, and enforcing the legal separation of Openreach from BT. It looks like this was just the start. Fines, probes, and new legislation followed and look set to continue. So what's next, and how do providers keep up?read more

Making Waves: How to Expand in a Saturated Market - a perspective from Moorhouse Consulting


The UK Telecoms market is saturated, making it harder for new players to enter and for established telcos to grow–a pattern replicated in mature markets across the world. Market saturation is often misinterpreted as a lack of opportunity, when in fact it is a sign of overall product commoditisation and the corresponding shift in consumer expectation. Market saturation doesn’t mean market stagnation–it’s a chance for companies to be bolder and smarter in an environment where customers will increasingly see Telcos as utility companies.

read more

Moorhouse Consulting: Blockchain and Banking: 2B or not 2B


When you strip back the hype, blockchain is a form of database for recording digital transactions. Once entered, records become both permanent and immutable, creating an accurate and tamperproof history of transacted values – one of the reasons it has created so much interest, given the increasing focus on more

Moorhouse Consulting: De-risking investment in innovation


In today’s competitive marketplace, firms are facing more short-term pressure than ever to maintain revenue parity, let alone demonstrate growth. As a result, they are less willing to invest in fostering innovation. It is a common fear that focusing on innovation can lead to a lack of attention on current business activity and therefore have a detrimental effect on business as more