IBM: How Michelle Peluso Is Redefining Marketing At IBM


Michelle Peluso’s office is located in a small non-descript building in Greenwich Village. It belies the fact that, despite its humble appearance, this is actually the hub of global tech powerhouse IBM’s marketing activity, where Michelle is more

IBM: IBM's New AI Can Predict Psychosis in Your Speech


A team comprising members of IBM Research’s Computational Psychiatry and Neuroimaging groups and universities around the globe have together developed an artificial intelligence capable of predicting with relative precision the onset of psychosis in a patient. Research on their psychosis-predicting AI has been published in the journal World more

IBM: IBM And The Blockchain: What Big Blue Did in 2017


When we talk about conventional players adopting new-age innovative technologies, the 106-year-old technology giant IBM (IBM), popularly known as Big Blue, comes to the forefront. One area where IBM is working aggressively to stay ahead of the curve is the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), commonly known as more

IBM: Case study: CEVA Logistics' supply chain moving 90% faster with IBM


Managing a global supply chain of any size is no small task. Now consider the supply chain of a global logistics company, which turned more than $6.6bn in revenue in the last financial year, that is both a carrier and a mover in 160 countries, managing eight million square meters of storage space and customs clearance at 600+ ports around the more

IBM: Transforming E&U operations with IoT


With the proliferation of smart meters and cheap sensors, energy and utilities companies are looking to technology as a catalyst for business change. Distributed power generation is eroding traditional revenue more

IBM: "IBM leaps to 3rd place in Cloud Wars," says Forbes


CLOUD WARS -- As businesses move beyond cloud experiments to deeply strategic deployments, the balance of power in the Cloud Wars Top 10 is shifting toward those tech providers that can move those business customers past the infrastructure phase and into the high-value realm of AI-driven competitive more