IBM: Why The Cloud And Internet Of Things Don't Always Mix


Cloud makes possible the Internet of Things, that global assortment of connected devices, sensors and systems. The cloud supports analytics and processing of all the data streaming in from the "things." However, some industry observers question whether cloud makes it all more expensive and complicated than need more

IBM: Hello World: Best practices for authentic customer communications


While every brand mishap doesn’t make national or global headlines, every negative customer interaction has the power to diminish a brand’s trust and affinity among their consumers. In our instantaneous society, seemingly small comments or inquiries to customer service or social posts can quickly turn into a firestorm if left ignored or addressed disingenuouslyread more

IBM: 3 steps for building a cognitive solution in 70 days with the IBM Business Coach


As the cognitive computing era evolves and progresses, several cognitive solutions are being developed to tackle a variety of business challenges across multiple industries (Finance, Healthcare, Retail, etc.) and regions (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, etc.) Discussing these cognitive solutions with partners and clients, it was clear that there is a sense of excitement and confusion in the market; excitement about the potential of cognitive technology and confusion about how to get more