IBM: Blockchain hype may have peaked, but IBM is still a believer


Blockchain euphoria is giving way to blockchain fatigue: Despite the hype, only 1% of executives in a survey reported deploying the technology at their firms. And while corporate management remains bullish about distributed ledgers, mentions of “blockchain” are on the decline during earnings conference more

IBM: Digital Realty Expands On-Ramps to IBM Cloud Services


Digital Realty continues to expand its connectivity to cloud computing platforms. Today the company said that it is boosting customer access to the IBM Cloud in 15 markets around the world. The expansion follows a similar move earlier this year to improve connectivity to the Oracle more

IBM: SpaceX to blast off IBM's Al Cimon into space


Waves of technology-driven change now regularly disrupt industry, culture and society. The challenge of navigating this turbulence grows increasingly complex, requiring deep examination of overlapping trajectories in search of hidden more

IBM: IBM takes Watson to Wimbledon


IBM is hoping to apply a mix of behavioural analytics to tennis matches at this year's Wimbledon tournament to automatically build video highlights reels. The company will use its Watson AI engine to recognise a player's emotions and combine this with crowd noise and player movements to curate a highlights reel for more

IBM: Two women teamed up to build IBM's new supercomputer — and they've been a powerhouse pair for years


IBM's newly minted Summit supercomputer can run an estimated 200,000 trillion calculations per second with stunning accuracy, making it the most powerful supercomputer in the world. Equally remarkable are the two women who helped create the project: Hillery Hunter and Stefanie Chiras represent each of the two IBM divisions behind the Summit supercomputer. The project took four years and thousands of more

WIPRO: What Do Companies Like IBM, Infosys, Wipro Look For In A Data Scientist?


In this data dominated era, it has become crucial to employ analysts who can turn all the raw data into actionable insight for a company. From Fortune 500 companies to a startup company, every company have realised that utilising the huge amount of datasets can improve a business’s bottom line. Hence, data science is on the rise, both from a company’s and employee’s perspective. According to an IBM report, data scientists and advanced analysts are the fastest-growing roles, which are projected to see demand spike by 28 percent by 2020read more