Hitachi Consulting Europe: Consulting AI: the five pillars of a successful AI-based transformation


The Artificial Intelligence market is climbing towards its apex, with an estimated industry value of $3.7 billion by 2025. AI dominance will arrive before that; by 2020 AI will be found in almost all new software products and services. However, progress comes with challenges. Specifically, it is difficult to integrate AI in a way that helps the business become more more

Hitachi Consulting Europe: Regulation kept banks out of the cloud – Regulation will soon make cloud inevitable for banks


With the typical “peak and trough” consumption pattern for risk and regulatory workloads, the commercial rationale behind moving to the cloud always existed. Until recently, however, regulation inhibited cloud adoption. This is changing fast. The major cloud vendors, including Google, now tick most (if not all) of the boxes mandated by regulators from a security, jurisdiction and privacy more

Hitachi Consulting Europe: Preparing for Urban 4.0


It’s time for a better paradigm of urbanisation. Conventional models, while still solid, are no longer up to the heightened challenges of the present. Exponentially improving technologies for the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence are enabling urban developments with much higher levels of efficiency and flexibility to conserve resources, promote security, and boost the quality of more

Hitachi Consulting Europe: AI: Beyond AlphaGo!


Perhaps the most seminal event in the recent past years which catapulted Artificial Intelligence to its recent fame and glory has been the win of AlphaGo over the then reigning world champion.The transition to super human levels of maturity for an AI gaming application may definitely be symbolic from an optics perspective but it doesn’t quite even begin to address the wider set of technological, societal and economic implications that take AI beyond the realm of complex gaming into the messy real more

Hitachi Consulting Europe: Data, data everywhere


With NRF 2018 in full swing there are countless streams of insight emanating from seemingly innumerable sources all recounting the latest trends and technologies. One common thread is anything but surprising: the volumes of data now swilling around the enterprise are reaching epic proportions yet the latent insight this contains is proving extremely challenging to more

Hitachi Consulting Europe: How can CIOs stay relevant?


What's the point of a CIO? It's a brutally frank question. But in a world where business units can sign up for "shadow IT" services in minutes to get anything from CRM to analytics to data storage to email, do organizations really need a C-level technology expert anymore? The good news for CIOs is that the answer is probably "yes." The bad news is that they are going to have to change and adapt if they want to have any chance of staying relevant. read more