Gartner: Treating Information as an Asset


Information warrants its own strategy to ensure its economic benefits are fully maximised.The emergence of a chief data officer in many organisations and across industries indicates a growing recognition of information as a strategic business asset – one distinguished from the technology through which it more

Gartner: The Emergence of the IoT Architect


The Internet of Things requires strong executive sponsorship, but the will of the organization isn’t sufficient to make IoT a reality. Someone has to have the complex role of understanding the needs of affected groups, identifying the target architecture that can address those needs and steering the organization toward that target state. This is the IoT more

Gartner: AI will soon be ubiquitous, but beware the hype


Market hype and growing interest in artificial intelligence (AI) is driving software vendors to introduce the technology into their product strategy, with AI expected to be pervasive in almost every new software product and service by 2020. But this approach is creating considerable confusion in the more

Unisys: 3 ways to massively fail with machine learning (and one key to success)


Though everyone seems to be piling on the machine learning bandwagon, it's a game that only the rich can play. While open source machine learning projects like Google's TensorFlow and Amazon's DSSTNE lower the bar to would-be machine learning engineers, resolving the skills deficit that Gartner analyst Merv Adrian called the biggest hurdle to machine learning success, no amount of training can resolve a thornier issue: Lack of more

Gartner: Artificial Intelligence and the Enterprise


The exceptional opportunity of AI makes it imperative for enterprises to plan for change. Artificial intelligence technology promises to solve problems organisations could not before because it delivers benefits that no humans could legitimately more

Gartner: A 101 on Natural Language Processing in Business


Benchmarked by industry forerunners and expanding explosively by its own methodology, the best customer experiences in natural language processing (NLP) are found through continued and correct application: a surprisingly difficult task, given the subtleties of human more

Gartner: 4 Types of Project Management Offices That Deliver Value


Project management offices (PMOs) are usually set up to solve specific problems, but it seems that there are almost as many possibilities as there are enterprises for these initiatives. Newly appointed project and portfolio management (PPM) leaders must think long and hard about which type of PMO will deliver the most value for their more

Gartner: Gartner: Businesses rethinking security software, placing more emphasis on analytics


Advanced security analytics will be embedded in at least 75% of security products by 2020. Meanwhile, startups with innovative approaches to security will cause continued acquisition, integration and consolidation in the software security market. Security as a Service will see continued growth, and the regulatory environment will drive enterprises to look for vendors that provide them needed visibility and control of their more