Hitachi Consulting Europe: Consulting AI: the five pillars of a successful AI-based transformation


The Artificial Intelligence market is climbing towards its apex, with an estimated industry value of $3.7 billion by 2025. AI dominance will arrive before that; by 2020 AI will be found in almost all new software products and services. However, progress comes with challenges. Specifically, it is difficult to integrate AI in a way that helps the business become more more

Microsoft: Microsoft acquires jClarity, a Java performance tuning tool


Microsoft announced this morning that it was acquiring jClarity, a service designed to tune the performance of Java applications. It will be doing that on Azure from now on. In addition, the company has been offering a flavor of Java called AdoptOpenJDK, which they bill as a free alternative to Oracle more

Data breaches in 2019 already double all of last year


There has been at least one health data breach a day since 2016, with the clear majority in the first half of this year (59%) due to hacking. Insider error or wrongdoing contributed to 21% of the breaches, loss or theft to 9% and the remainder's causes were unknownread more

Microsoft: How AI and satellites are used to combat illegal fishing


Fishing is a way of life for coastal communities around the world. An estimated four million fishing vessels sail the world’s oceans, providing fish for a global seafood market valued at over $120 billion. To manage overfishing, OceanMind is using the power of AI to map data and then feeding that information to government authorities to help catch perpetratorsread more