PA Consulting Group: THE EU GDPR-Just a 'tick in a box' – or an opportunity to create value?


The EU General Data Protection Regulation is a game-changer. The penalties for a breach have the potential to move from hundreds of thousands to millions of pounds, dollars or euros. Requirements around unambiguous consent and the right to erasure mean organisations fundamentally need to re-think how they manage and retain data. Compliance with the GDPR requirements is mandatory for all organisations that handle personal data of EU more

PwC: PwC to shut 6 regional UK offices in 2018


PWC is planning to close its offices in Sheffield, Plymouth, Liverpool, Norwich, Swansea and Dungannon, in Northern Ireland, from April 2018.A spokesperson for PwC said the changes would affect fewer than 400 people across all six offices. He said they are "not about Brexit," but "the way in which PwC is expanding its presence outside London, and new ways of working."read more