Datafloq: The smart approach to making a central part of your adoption plan


There is no question that digitisation and technology have completely changed nearly every aspect of businesses over the past century. Today, many companies are heavily focused on digital adoption and doing all they can to utilise new technology to improve their results. By definition, digital adoption means that the entire business has “achieved a state in which digital tools are being used as intended and to the fullest extent.”read more

IBM: C-suite executives are ready to double-down on cloud computing


At a time when the hype around emerging technologies such as autonomous cars and augmented reality seems to be sky-high, C-suite executives are keeping their feet firmly on the ground when it comes to investing in a core area: cloud computing. Studies show that executives’ interests are evolving beyond basic cloud solutions to more flexible and versatile ones, such as hybrid more

Should Accountants Adopt Blockchain?


We all know that blockchain has some massive bouts of potential in it. It is said that blockchain could solve a lot of the world's issues but it hasn’t got to the stage of mainstream adoption. Now, the revolutionary technology has the capability to change the role of accountants which means they will become, according to industry speaker and author Ian Khan, “the digital detectives of tomorrow.”read more

Deloitte: Deloitte survey: 53% of enterprises see blockchain as top-5 priority


Today Deloitte released findings from its 2019 blockchain survey. Compared to other studies, Deloitte’s is one of the most optimistic in both 2018 and 2019. It found that 53% (2018: 43%) of enterprise respondents cite blockchain as a top-five strategic priority and 56% (2018: 59%) believe blockchain will disrupt their industry. Only 6% are unsure or don’t see the need to use more

The digital difference in what clients say is important to them


In our annual survey of clients, we asked them to tell us how much of their job is about digitising their function or organisation to see if there are any differences between those with digital responsibilities and those without, writes Alison Huntington of Source Global Research. read more