The future of transformation: The importance of being all joined up


Consulting around business and digital transformation markets accounts for around a sixth of all consulting in the world today, fuelled by clients’ deep-rooted desire for fundamental change and technology that’s making new things possible. At the same time, we hear senior executives being increasingly concerned about the need to deliver concrete results. “Transformation is all very well in theory,” they tell us, “but we want more proof about what it can deliver in practice", writes Fiona Czerniawska of Source Global Research......

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Digital banking's key trends: Demand, competition, mobile on the rise


In both the richest and poorest countries, banking around the globe is going digital and mobile. Two global studies — a study of 150,000 consumers polled by Gallup for the World Bank for its Global Findex Database, and a survey of 5,200 consumers by the tech giant Oracle — found complementary trends in the use and adoption of digital more

Microsoft: Microsoft wants to make meetings great again


Look, a lot of us who work in corporate environments dread meetings. Most of the time, they are unproductive or boring and keep us away from doing real work. Fortunately, Microsoft is trying to make meetings suck less with some very cool more

Rethinking data input to fix Electronic health records (EHRs)


Electronic health records were supposed to improve healthcare by making it easier to access patient data and by making the process of collecting data more efficient. Instead, doctors and other clinicians complain they are being bogged down by data entry activities, leading to burnout and less attention focused on patients. Two healthcare experts say they have a solution to the EHR more

Embracing Blockchain: Why You Need to Prepare for This Transformative Technology


According to Accenture’s Intelligent Operations research, over 90 percent of enterprises feel they need to partner closely across the ecosystem to exploit market opportunities. But many players struggle to forge such close relationships due to data and process constraints that make it difficult to link their operations. Blockchain promises to change all that. read more