Deloitte: Forces of change: Smart cities


While smart cities earlier focused on connecting infrastructure for better insights, the spotlight is slowly shifting to better engaging governments, citizens, and businesses with the goal of providing improved city services and a higher quality of life. What exactly is Smart City 2.0?read more

Deloitte: Machine Learning and the 5 Vectors of Progress


What’s keeping leaders from adopting machine learning? Well, tools are still evolving, practitioners are scarce, and the technology is a bit inscrutable for comfort. But five vectors of progress are making it easier, faster, and cheaper to deploy machine learning and could bring it into the more

Deloitte: Sea Change? Deloitte Is Tracking Ships' Certificates with Blockchain


Deloitte is taking non-financial applications of blockchain technology into uncharted waters. To record the inspection certificates for ships, oil rigs and the like on a private, shared ledger, the consulting firm's blockchain lab for Europe, the Middle East and Africa recently partnered with DNV GL, one of the world's largest classification more

Life outside the fortress


In previous articles on this blog, we’ve talked about ‘Fortress Strategy’, the idea (originally voiced by a client) that the major strategy firms remain firmly in a segment of their own, writes Fiona Czerniawska of Source Global Research.....
read more

How you convince clients to shack up with the devil they don’t know


Incumbent suppliers appear to have more of an advantage than you might think. Not only are they the ones with both feet inside the door–and therefore in a fairly decent position to slam it shut on anyone trying to get one of their feet in, but they’re also thought, by their clients, to be better than anyone else, writes Edward Haigh of Source Global Research... read more

Deloitte: Nine competencies that can elevate the CIO to business leader


The modern CIO’s job description places equal emphasis on operational know-how, dynamic leadership, and practical business acumen. Our global CIO survey and interviews with CIOs and business stakeholders confirm that CIOs want to hone their leadership skills and develop new competencies to take on the role of business more