Capgemini Consulting: How universities campuses can embrace their Smart City potential


The concept of smart cities strives to address challenges in order to achieve sustainable development and a high quality of life. Considering the complexity of the smart city concept, wouldn’t using a prototype be the logical step before implementing it? Especially if such prototypes already exist! For instance, university campuses are ideal data labs in which to test smart city environmentsread more

Capgemini Consulting: Capgemini report suggests blockchain is real for many leading supply chain managers


A new study conducted by Capgemini notes that despite the barriers facing blockchain, 87% of survey respondents said they are at least in the early stages of blockchain experimentation and the top drivers behind investments are cost saving (89%), enhanced traceability (81%) and increased transparency (79%). Walmart’s announcement of a food safety blockchain solution, and Nestlé, Unilever, Tyson Foods, and Starbucks’ blockchain trials also show possibilitiesread more

Capgemini Consulting: Blockchain set to supercharge global supply chains by 2025


A new report by the Capgemini Research Institute today reveals that blockchain could become ubiquitous by 2025, entering mainstream business and underpinning supply chains worldwide. Through investment and partnerships, the distributed ledger technology will dominate manufacturing as well as consumer products and retail industries, ushering in a new era of transparency and more