How To Boost Cyber Security with the Blockchain


Cybersecurity breaches are becoming more intense. A host of new threats involving phishing, crypto jacking, IoT attacks, malware, SQL injection, artificial intelligence, and a lot more are a huge concern for anyone in the online world. Symantec reports that spam levels continue to increase significantly since 2015, and this trend is only shooting upwards. The use of malicious PowerShell scripts has also increased by a whopping 1000% in more

Gartner: 10 CIO Resolutions for 2019


It’s the beginning of a new year — the time for CIOs to take stock of their personal development goals for 2019. This year, the focus is on the culture shift required to build digital business plans, as most organisations are on their way toward digital transformation but are finding it difficult to more

Beards and pinstripes—the next big opportunity


We’ve talked before on these pages about the merits and limitations of sub-brands. While they may help to raise awareness of new capabilities, they may also underline that the sub-brand isn’t core to what the firm does. Nowhere is that debate more pressing than in a discussion about digital sub-brands. What’s next for those firms with separate digital sub-brands, if digital is becoming fundamental to everything clients do? - writes Alison Huntington of Source Global Research... read more

Adastrum Consulting: Cybersecurity Experts Only Present In 65% Of Organisations


Despite 95 percent of CIOs expecting cyberthreats to increase over the next three years, only 65 percent of their organisations currently have a cybersecurity expert, according to a survey from Gartner. The survey also reveals that skills challenges continue to plague organisations that undergo digitalisation, with digital security staffing shortages considered a top inhibitor to more

PwC: Tech needs more chocolate fountains


That's right, I said it: the UK tech sector needs more chocolate fountains. I'm not talking about supplying tech events up and down the nation with indulgent desserts, I'm referring to a delicious metaphorical more

Gartner: Gartner on Blockchain, AI and Data: Hype or Hope?


This past week, Gartner shook the technology space by claiming that “only 1% of CIOs indicated any kind of blockchain adoption within their organizations”. The insight is derived from Gartner’s 2018 CIO Survey, an exercise that gathers data from over 3,000 CIO respondents in 98 countries and all major industriesread more

Lufthansa Group chooses CGI as strategic partner for infrastructure and digital transformation services


CGI and Lufthansa Group, Germany's largest airlines, have entered into a five-year strategic partnership for the delivery of infrastructure and digitalization services. As part of Lufthansa's multi-provider strategy, CGI will manage the company's traditional infrastructure functions, such as its data center operations and workplace/network services, as well as assist the company in implementing its digitalization strategy. read more