Atkins: Are we making the most of big data?


Mobile technology has changed the way we do business, purchase goods and engage with services. With over 20 billion devices connected to the internet by 2020, an unprecedented volume of information is being generated. But I wonder, are we making the most of this rich data?read more

Atkins: Time to embrace scooters, segways and hoverboards?


Transport planners in cities around the world – after decades of neglect – are now acknowledging the functionality of walking and cycling, in particular for short local trips and as ‘first and last mile’ connections to public transport. But another mode of urban mobility is emerging which could add to the mix of options and prove a game more

Atkins: Making the most of digitalisation


Until a decade ago, the majority of the world's data was produced by scientific, industrial, and administrative sources. Today, most data is generated from the daily activities of millions of people around the world, through simple actions such as messaging friends on social media or shopping online. read more

30 consulting firms make the MCA Awards 2016 shortlist


30 management consulting firms have made the shortlist for the 2016 MCA Awards following a record number of entries. The MCA Awards are the main event in the UK consulting calendar and are recognised as the benchmark for quality within the profession. Winners will be announced at the gala ceremony and dinner on Thursday 21 April.

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Atkins: The rise of cities


As the population of the world's cities soars towards four billion, the need for smarter infrastructure is becoming increasingly urgent. How is the smart city movement, and technology more broadly impacting the way we plan our cities and urban infrastructure today? read more