Parts of audit work to go to tech firms, new report finds


The audit process, one of the most vertically integrated professional services left in today’s market, is being broken down into separate parts by audit clients, creating a huge opportunity for technology firms to enter the market, a new report finds today. read more

Make or buy? The million-dollar question in digital procurement.


The frantic pace of today’s do-better-with-less business environment is old news to procurement executives. They grapple with this new normal every day, acutely aware of the need for agility and speed. In fact, 84 percent of procurement organizations think digital transformation will fundamentally change how their services are delivered in the near future. read more

Thinking bigger with artificial intelligence: Part 2


In a previous blog post we talked about the growing importance of artificial intelligence to companies’ operations, and the need for organizations to think bigger about how they can use AI to drive the fundamental transformation of key business processes to unlock exponentially greater value. In this post, we address another big question executives ask us: How do we get started using AI?... read more

Beards and pinstripes—the next big opportunity


We’ve talked before on these pages about the merits and limitations of sub-brands. While they may help to raise awareness of new capabilities, they may also underline that the sub-brand isn’t core to what the firm does. Nowhere is that debate more pressing than in a discussion about digital sub-brands. What’s next for those firms with separate digital sub-brands, if digital is becoming fundamental to everything clients do? - writes Alison Huntington of Source Global Research... read more

Thinking bigger with artificial intelligence: Part 1


Accenture’s recent intelligent operations research highlights an important trend: the growing acknowledgement that artificial intelligence will have a major impact on companies’ business. Nearly 90 percent of executives in our research believe the application of automation, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) will be critical to business and process transformation. Furthermore, just over 60 percent said the application of automation and AI to business processes will be important to achieving their business goals. read more

Reimagining processes for intelligent operations


Across the world, organizations have been using smart machines powered by artificial intelligence to drive operational efficiencies. But focusing on efficiencies alone misses the truly transformational opportunity: to create self-adapting and self-optimizing “intelligent” processes and operations that use machine learning algorithms and real-time data to continuously improve. In our view, this reimagining of processes represents a great leap forward that will unlock entirely new roles and new ways for humans and machines to work together. read more

Embracing Blockchain: Why You Need to Prepare for This Transformative Technology


According to Accenture’s Intelligent Operations research, over 90 percent of enterprises feel they need to partner closely across the ecosystem to exploit market opportunities. But many players struggle to forge such close relationships due to data and process constraints that make it difficult to link their operations. Blockchain promises to change all that. read more