PwC: Chatta disrupts learning


The potential for technology is not new in education, many of the big technology providers have developed educational products. However, to date they have chosen two traditional channels either to publish content or monitor pupil progress online. Chatta has created a new method of teaching online. This has meant there is no existing market, Chatta have had to rely on early adopters and innovators to take a risk and help them secure market traction. read more

PwC: Bringing disruptive technology to city streets across the world


FiveAI is a UK technology start-up bringing together the best minds in AI, engineering and mobility to deliver a fully autonomous shared transport service for Europe’s cities. Operating out of six UK locations, the company already has prototype cars out and about in the UK, and is planning its first full service trial for commuters in London by early more

7 Factors to Help Ensure Digital Workplace Success


There are many different ways of benchmarking the success or failures of a digital workplace. However, it is less obvious what makes a successful digital workplace and how it functions. Technology is now such a central part of the overall work experience that you can’t separate it from the people agendaread more

Global risk services market set to pass US$80bn by 2020


Following growth of 7% to US$62bn in 2017, a new report today estimates that growth in the global risk services market will accelerate to more than 10% in 2019, with the value of the market passing US$80bn by 2020. This will be an uplift of almost US$30bn (over 50% growth) in just five years. read more

Tribal Newchurch: Top drivers for UK education cloud adoption


With cloud spending within UK education predicted to increase to £125m by 2020/21 some might be forgiven for thinking that moving to the cloud is an objective in itself. Fortunately, education leaders are seeing beyond the technological implementation side of things and focusing on the outcomes cloud brings more

Infosys Consulting: Infosys to double employees’ salary


Infosys, India’s second-largest IT services company, has been one of the biggest recruiter of IT professionals in the country amid the big tech players such as Tata Consultancy Services, Wipro, HCL Technologies and Tech Mahindra. To what it seems like a good news for Infosys employees, the Bengaluru-headquartered IT behemoth is planning to upskill its employees in an aim to reduce attrition rate and double their more

Infosys Consulting: Testing Imperatives for AI Systems


In the past, Artificial Intelligence research was confined primarily to big technology companies and was conceived as a technology concept that could mimic human intelligence. However, with rapid advances in data collection, processing and computation power, AI has become the new electricity for every more

IBM: Global Cloud Computing Market 2018 Scope And Latest Trends 2023: Microsoft Azure, IBM, Amazon Web Services And Aliyun


Global Cloud Computing market 2018 report frames ideas investigation, observes research, investments in features rich services and products, product distinction, technical inventions, and prices. The Cloud Computing industry research highlights the aspects which influence product development and market development together with up-gradations that may boost the market. read more

Fewer than a fifth of organisations have a dedicated threat hunting team.


Threat hunting likely ranks second after artificial intelligence as a leading cybersecurity marketing buzzword and top airport advertising theme. Why not hunt for threats when dwell time between attack infections and detections can take months? Hiring threat hunters could change the playing field dynamics so if attackers make a mistake, they risk being detected. Sounds good, however, the real answer is more more

3 measurable benchmarks for enterprise that will define the future


Three qualities really define when a technology has matured, when it has truly come into its own and begun to reach its potential. I’m drawing on past technological advances that have transformed into basic utilities, the things we need in our everyday lives to function. Electricity and mobile phones are two fairly recent examples that come to more

Make or buy? The million-dollar question in digital procurement.


The frantic pace of today’s do-better-with-less business environment is old news to procurement executives. They grapple with this new normal every day, acutely aware of the need for agility and speed. In fact, 84 percent of procurement organizations think digital transformation will fundamentally change how their services are delivered in the near future. read more

PA Consulting Group: How would a No-Deal Brexit affect data protection?


The EU and UK negotiators have agreed the technical details of a Brexit deal. Yet, with less than five months until the UK leaves the EU and considering the UK and each EU country needs to sign off on the deal, the likelihood of a No-Deal Brexit is still high. And this has raised questions around the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).read more

KPMG: Cryptocurrency Is ‘a Big Deal’ But Needs Institutional Investment, Says KPMG Report


Netherlands-based ‘Big Four’ auditor KPMG has released a bullish report on cryptocurrency. The report argues that institutional investors must join the industry for it to “realise its potential.” The report, dubbed ‘Institutionalisation of Cryptoassets,’ focuses on why and how institutional investors should enter cryptocurrency, along with “challenges” the process faces and under what circumstances crypto could become a “full-fledged asset class.”read more

Deloitte: Deloitte Legal adds Singapore practice Sabara Law to its network


Deloitte Legal has added a Singapore legal practice, Sabara Law to its network of over 2,400 legal professionals in more than 80 countries. The practice's focus is on fields that are adjacent and complementary to Deloitte’s international multi-disciplinary teams, advising clients in data protection, financial services regulatory and commercial law; mergers and acquisitions; employment law and legal management more

OEE: OEE Consulting merges with Webhelp's digital subsidiary gobeyond


OEE Consulting, one of UK’s larger independent consultancies specialising in operations and customer excellence, has been picked up by French multinational Webhelp. The BPO provider will merge OEE Consulting with its relatively new consulting subsidiary gobeyond, creating a consultancy with more than 300 more

Deloitte: The societal impact of AI in financial services


Financial services isn’t ordinarily what anyone would consider a trend-driven industry. But it’s a data-intensive industry, and that puts it directly in the path of disruption from artificial intelligence. Wherever their strategies take them, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that financial institutions will have to come to grips with AI–along with the implications AI has for safety, inclusion, employment, and the financial services value more

Capgemini Consulting: Capgemini report suggests blockchain is real for many leading supply chain managers


A new study conducted by Capgemini notes that despite the barriers facing blockchain, 87% of survey respondents said they are at least in the early stages of blockchain experimentation and the top drivers behind investments are cost saving (89%), enhanced traceability (81%) and increased transparency (79%). Walmart’s announcement of a food safety blockchain solution, and Nestlé, Unilever, Tyson Foods, and Starbucks’ blockchain trials also show possibilitiesread more

PA Consulting Group: Smart cities: Is cyber security an issue?


Cities around the globe are having to become digitally smarter to maintain economic, social and environmental sustainability. City services and resources are under pressure to keep up with the demands of digital-savvy populations generating masses of data and wanting to connect with their surroundings. But how can we ensure new digital services are cyber secure?read more