PA Consulting Group: Creating a railway for 2050


What does the future of rail in the UK look like? The answer depends on how far into the future you look. If the Williams Review is as penetrating as we expect, the coming year has the potential to radically kick start the change in the way our railways are run. However, will that be radical change for today, for the next five years, or for the next 30?read more

Deloitte: Oracle OpenWorld reaches 40


OpenWorld closes for another year. During the event Oracle managed to publish a total of 40 items, mainly press releases and a few blogs. Many more were issued by partners and other companies attending. A full list is below as well as some more

Siemens Corporate Shared Services: Global Autonomous Vehicle Security Market 2019 Potentially Growing Significant Business Opportunities with top companies Toyota, Siemens, Cisco, Ford, Robert Bosch, Argus Cyber Security Embedded Security, Karamba Security


Market Research Inc. has announced the addition of a thorough research study to its extensive repository called the Autonomous Vehicle Security market. The data were reviewed based on effective methodologies such as primary and secondary research techniques. read more

PwC: The Low Carbon Economy Index 2019


After four years of moderate progress, in 2018 the pace of the low carbon transition slowed down to the long term average since 2000. Despite significant increases in renewable energy, the gap between the Paris Agreement goal and the current pathway continues to growread more

Deloitte: VeChain, Together With Its Partners — DNV GL and Deloitte, Attended the Shanghai International Blockchain Week 2019 As Keynote Speakers to Share Their Vision On How Blockchain Enables Real Business Value


Shanghai International Blockchain Week 2019 is a major, blockchain industry gathering themed as Blockchain New Economy, New Decade, New Beginning. Over 2000 participants, 250 experts, and 50 global projects were brought together to share their experience on the development of blockchain technology, real-world applications, regulations & compliance and their vision towards the next decade of the more

New Cognizant AI Insurance Claims Platform Enhances Processing, Accuracy and Customer Service Following Natural Disasters


Cognizant (Nasdaq: CTSH) has unveiled a new artificial intelligence-powered software platform that gives property insurers the ability to process large numbers of claims stemming from natural disasters or other catastrophic events in record time. Cognizant Property Insights is a software-as-a-service solution that combines satellite and aerial imagery and property data, with machine learning technologies to quickly assess damage caused by hurricanes, tornados, floods, wildfires and other disasters in just four to five days, significantly speeding payment of customer claims.

read more

Zen Ecosystems: Why We're At An IoT Inflection Point: The Case For Open Networks


It’s no secret that one of the largest areas of growth in the tech industry is deploying and optimising internet of things (IoT) devices. After smartphones conquered our pockets, the world’s most innovative companies are building intelligent devices — smart thermostats, speakers, plugs, security systems and more — to control convenience and comfort in another extension of ourselves: the homeread more

10 digital transformation success stories


WW, Atlassian, StubHub and other enterprises are steering digital initiatives to drive business growth and operational efficiency. These digital transformation examples detail IT leaders’ strategies, implementations and challengesread more

Wood Mackenzie Ltd: LNG's Surfing the Wave


Gas looks the best bet of the fossil fuels through the energy transition. Coal demand has already peaked while oil has a decade or so of slowing growth before electric vehicles start to make real inroads in transportation. Gas, blessed with lower carbon intensity and ample resource, is set for steady growth through 2040 on our base case projectionsread more

KPMG: People are working longer for reasons of choice and necessity


Across the developed world, the workforce now comes in 50 shades of grey. Since 2008 the average labour-force participation rate of 55- to 64-year-olds in oecd countries has risen by eight percentage points. Depending on your point of view, that trend can be spun as ruthless capitalism requiring workers to spend more years down the salt mines or as a sign that society that is finally recognising the value of its older more

Capgemini Consulting: How universities campuses can embrace their Smart City potential


The concept of smart cities strives to address challenges in order to achieve sustainable development and a high quality of life. Considering the complexity of the smart city concept, wouldn’t using a prototype be the logical step before implementing it? Especially if such prototypes already exist! For instance, university campuses are ideal data labs in which to test smart city environmentsread more

PwC: Business and government have combined to create a skills desert in Britain


The skills gap is a lead weight chained to the legs of the British economy. It has long been a problem, but in the shallow waters of the EU swimming pool, it has at least been more or less manageable, at least with a little migrant help. Trouble is, the UK is preparing to perform a deep dive into a very cold and deep sea, one with a global eco-storm clearly visible on the horizonread more

PwC: Disrupting Utilities. Is it anyone’s game?


A potential revolution for the utilities industry is being led by advancements in smart home technology, real time data becoming available and evolving customer expectations. In a sector that is becoming increasingly digital, distributed and personalised, the door is wide open for truly innovative companiesread more

PwC: Megatrends: 5 global shifts changing the way we live and do business.


It feels like a time when we need some foresight, foresight as to what our World might become, should become. We all have an opportunity – I’d say a responsibility – to dig deep, to search for innovative solutions, inspire good growth, economic prosperity, stronger communities, healthier people and greater social mobilityread more

Microsoft: Microsoft Unveils Icecaps, An Open-Source Toolkit For Building Neural Conversational Systems


The human race is the most complicated; and difficult system and every human has a different personality of action. Using the same tone and the same language does not fit in order to communicate with different people. However, it is usual for us to use different tones and languages while we communicate with our friends and other people but it is impossible for the machines to have different personas for different people until nowread more

Wood Mackenzie Ltd: Will Aluminium Cans Replace Plastic Bottles?


Plastic pollution is a global problem. The statistics are alarming – and emotive. However, it remains the modern world’s packaging material of choice. Roughly a third of the 350 Mt produced globally is used in packaging applications. But as public perception shifts and the issue gets pushed up the political agenda, the tide could be turningread more

Forbes: What Are The Newest Cyber Security Trends?


The magnitude of change that enterprise IT is going through (architecture, cloud infra and SaaS) brings for security models is vastly underestimated. There is an entire generation of multi-billion dollar security companies that have a largely on-premise business not particularly relevant to the cloud/hybrid more