Looking to 2018: How the newest innovations are reliant on a tried-and-true standard


2017 was a year of innovation in healthcare, and that innovation has meant one thing: more data. In fact, some have suggested that more data has been created in the past year than in all previous years combined. So while last year was focused on capturing as much data as possible, the focus going forward should be on drawing insights from that data – not just within your own health information system, but from across the entire care continuum.read more

Microsoft: Microsoft Wants To Put An End To Passwords Once And For All


Microsoft plans to make passwords obsolete. When the Windows 10 S becomes official, there will be no default requirement for passwords during installation setup of the operating system. The plan is in accordance with Microsoft's long-term goal of eventually bumping off the use of the traditional security codes in favour of fresher measures.read more

Every technology services company wants to build its consulting practice, but are they right to do so?


It sounds like heresy. With digital transformation consulting work growing by almost 20%, technology services companies—and here I’m talking about firms that develop, implement and integrate software systems, as well as those that provide outsourced IT services—would surely be mad to ignore the opportunity that’s sitting on their doorstep, writes Fiona Czerniawska of Source Global Research... read more

Capgemini: Fintech won’t be the end of the big banks. Tech-fin might be


Google, Amazon and Facebook (GAF), to name a few, could become significant in the retail banking space; where decreasing consumer loyalty is driving firms to become more customer-centric, in a bid to improve retention. Whereas Fintechs don’t have the size or capital endowment to seriously threaten the big banks, Tech-fins certainly do. In this case, size very much matters...read more

IBM: How Michelle Peluso Is Redefining Marketing At IBM


Michelle Peluso’s office is located in a small non-descript building in Greenwich Village. It belies the fact that, despite its humble appearance, this is actually the hub of global tech powerhouse IBM’s marketing activity, where Michelle is CMO.read more

IBM: IBM's New AI Can Predict Psychosis in Your Speech


A team comprising members of IBM Research’s Computational Psychiatry and Neuroimaging groups and universities around the globe have together developed an artificial intelligence capable of predicting with relative precision the onset of psychosis in a patient. Research on their psychosis-predicting AI has been published in the journal World Psychiatry.read more

Simon-Kucher clears the 250 million euro mark


The growth course continues – digitalisation was the key driver of growth. For 2018, the management consultancy has plans for further international expansion with new offices opening in Chicago, Shanghai, Mexico City, and Cairo. read more

Equiteq advises leading life sciences strategy consultancy Insight Strategy Advisors on its sale to Precision Value & Health


Equiteq, the knowledge economy M&A specialist, is pleased to announce that it has advised Insight Strategy Advisors (ISA), a premier life sciences strategy consultancy, on its sale to Precision Value & Health, a part of Precision Medicine Group. ISA will become part of Precision Xtract, the global market access consultancy within Precision Value & Health. read more

PA takes a different approach to growth


Forbes contributor and business leadership journalist Roger Trapp interviews Andrew Hooke, who is the head of consulting sectors at PA Consulting Group and has also recently taken over as head of the firm in the U.S...

read more

WIPRO: Wipro takes minority stake in Harte Hanks


Wipro is acquiring a $9.9 million minority stake in omnichannel marketing services firm Harte Hanks.The two firms will jointly market the Opera Solutions’ Signal Hub platform – a big data analytics and machine learning solution for providing customers with a relevant, personalised user experience.read more

MCA: MCA's new Year of Disruption initiative


The Year of Disruption follows on from our very successful Years of Digital (shortlisted for an Association Excellence Award), Growth and Diversity. It will be wide-ranging. Indeed as its name implies, it will be a little different from the previous Years of – . It’s a Year of, Jim, but not as we know it.read more

FinTech Futures: Top six trends in payments


The payments industry is going through a period of unprecedented change, across the retail, corporate and wholesale segments. The financial crisis of 2008 famously brought payments “out of the cellar and into the boardroom” and the ensuing tranche of regulation has brought great challenges – and great opportunities – to payments players.read more

The FT’s consulting firm rankings don’t let clients tell it like it is


Consultants are supposed to tell clients what they need to hear, not what they want to hear. If a client wants to grow into a new market, but isn’t investing enough in its infrastructure there to succeed, the role of the consultant is to make that clear. Likewise, if a client thinks a flashy new digital system will solve all his woes when it actually won’t, the consultant who puts her clients’ interests first tells him to stop. Trusted advisors tell it like it is, Writes Alison Huntington of Source Global Research...

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Deloitte: Machine Learning and the 5 Vectors of Progress


What’s keeping leaders from adopting machine learning? Well, tools are still evolving, practitioners are scarce, and the technology is a bit inscrutable for comfort. But five vectors of progress are making it easier, faster, and cheaper to deploy machine learning and could bring it into the mainstream.read more

Carillion projects worth a total of £5.7 billion


As the economy continues to come to terms with the collapse of Carillion, the latest figures suggest that on the day of liquidation, the industry giant was the main contractor on 57 construction projects worth a total of £5.7 billion, including a £1.3 billion HS2 contract. read more

Unisys: Biometrics, AI to Have Big Year in FinTech: Unisys


Biometric and artificial intelligence technologies will have a big year in the financial services sector, and will help smaller banks to offer cutting-edge solutions to their customers, predicts Unisys. The company says that this is the year that “biometric authentication will go mainstream”, according to a statement announcing its predictions.read more

PA Consulting Group: Artificial Intelligence: Why you should think before you act


Artificial Intelligence is advancing and the media is flooded with stories of AI exceeding human capabilities. Google’s Deepmind beating the Go world champion, Oxford University’s LipNet lip-reading with 93.4% accuracy (where humans can only manage 20% - 60%) and AI detecting cancer on scans quickly and more accurately than doctors. But with all the investment and interest in AI, is it living up to expectations and meeting its potential?read more

Hitachi Consulting Europe: Data, data everywhere


With NRF 2018 in full swing there are countless streams of insight emanating from seemingly innumerable sources all recounting the latest trends and technologies. One common thread is anything but surprising: the volumes of data now swilling around the enterprise are reaching epic proportions yet the latent insight this contains is proving extremely challenging to divine.read more

Capgemini becomes Global Innovation Partner for the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series


Capgemini has become the Official GLOBAL INNOVATION PARTNER of the Men’s and Women’s HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series. This new multi-year partnership is a continuation of Capgemini’s long-term support for the sport of Rugby over the last 25 years, and is a natural fit for the Group, reflecting its strong heritage and international presence. Rugby Sevens also shares many common attributes with Capgemini including agility, innovation, inclusivity, fun and team spirit. read more