The City of Västerås signs £27 million deal with Logica, now part of CGI, to manage its IT operations.

The City of Västerås signs £27 million deal with Logica

STOCKHOLM -- The City of Västerås has signed an agreement with Logica, now part of CGI, a leading provider of information technology and business process services, to outsource its IT operations.

The £27 million (SEK 285 million) deal will see CGI become responsible for the city’s entire IT operation for the next five years including infrastructure, workplace IT application management, service desk printing services and resource consultants. The agreement also includes an option for an extension of the delivery for another two years.

Under the agreement CGI will move Västerås’s current IT-infrastructure services to CGI’s own data centres and begin an extensive conversion to a platform based on modern large-scale industrial infrastructure. This will allow Västerås to lower their cost and get more efficiency into their IT-operations. In addition all employees that are affected by this agreement will be transferred to CGI.

“This partnership with CGI will allow us to provide affordable business support in a flexible way like never before,” said Mikael Lagergren, CIO in the City of Västerås, Executive Office. “Lower threshold costs help facilitate the introduction of new technologies without the need for the city itself to invest in technology solutions or risky and costly development projects. Through working with CGI we will be able to meet the municipality's current and future needs.”

“We are very pleased and proud to be chosen by Västerås to host and manage their IT operations,” said Bengt-Goran Kangas, Head of the Swedish Public Sector at Logica, now part of CGI. “We look forward to working with the City of Västerås in developing operational services that support and develop the needs of both the municipality and its citizens. Västerås has a well-developed IT strategy and a deep insight into the benefits of an outsourced IT operation, such as flexibility, proactivity and cost savings. All of which will be open to the City of Västerås over the next few years.”read more