New disruption consulting team uses VR tool to engage clients in conversations about the future...

PwC has developed a virtual reality (VR) experience for its clients, allowing them to explore and better understand the range of potential future disruptions that could impact their organisation.

More than 100 people have been guided through the experience already as part of its pilot phase, including clients in banking, transport, local government and the public sector. Participants use VR to spot 20 potential disruptions around them in a future city environment and collectively rate their credibility and impact. The disruptions include emerging technologies such as megadrones, robotics and synthetic biology, as well as non-technology megatrends such as social and climate change.

The experience, which is the first known example of VR being used as a storytelling tool for businesses to engage with the future, was built with immersive content studio REWIND. It is being used by PwC’s newly launched disruption consulting team, led by partner, Leo Johnson, as part of workshops helping organisations to future-proof their business strategies.

Jeremy Dalton, VR lead at PwC, said: