Together with management and technology consultancy BearingPoint, Emmi launches a grand redesign of its business process landscape, netting millions in projected future savings

Swiss dairy giant Emmi is expecting a positive influence on long-term growth after harmonizing a crosshatch of processes and systems with a customized IT platform.

In recent years, a bold agglomeration strategy has helped Emmi move into the club of companies dominating one of Europe’s most valuable food sectors. However, along the way, the dairy producer amassed a plethora of processes that was weighing it down. Among the challenges were barriers to communication, duplication of work and sub-optimal reporting. By drawing upon BearingPoint’s large-scale IT integration and change management expertise, Emmi was able to see how a single, unified IT platform via OneERP would not only rationalize its operations, but enable it to take advantage of the new synergies.

Lars Mächler, Head of Corporate Development, Emmi, said: “BearingPoint succeeded in reconciling the various parties and perspectives involved and did so in a complex project environment, thus providing critical help in driving the progress and the success of the project.”

Getting this core business management system right had assumed outsized importance as competition was heating up.

BearingPoint’s Business Transformation Framework proved critical in defining the company strategy, which informed and structured the IT. With these key principles and priorities in hand, the design work and organizational change requirements proceeded apace. In scope were all processes in the areas of finance and controlling, master data management, sales, planning, purchasing, quality management, production and logistics. Additionally, a business process management organization was defined and rolled out in stages, utilizing a mix of prototype and agile project methods.

Asked about the Emmi project, Matthias Görtzen, Partner at BearingPoint, said: “A project of this magnitude hinges on cultural sensitivity as much as it does on technical ability. Emmi had great leadership and employee buy-in and was able to realize a business transformation, which is really outstanding in the market.”

The industry bodies have also recognized the team, with the Emmi project scooping up multiple laurels, including a 2017 SAP Quality Award in gold for “Business Transformation,” as well as the ASCO award in 2016. Importantly, Emmi is powered by a cutting-edge IT platform. This has increased transparency and efficiency while reducing not only the company’s risk exposure but also its costs - with savings projected in the two-digit million francs range. Emmi is well-placed to look to new horizons. With this project, Emmi has served notice that it is well-prepared for the future.

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