Organisations across the public sector are being given the opportunity to help shape a new programme that will enable them to deliver better online services.

Unveiled at the Digital Government Conference on 25 May, the training course has been developed by the Agile Business Consortium, with an early prototype trialled by Newcastle City Council and the Ministry of Justice.

Known by its working title AgilePM and Digital Services, the course integrates the world-leading Agile project management framework AgilePM®* with elements of Government Digital Service (GDS) guidance. It is now ready to move to its beta phase and be tested more widely.

“The public sector is committed to delivering services digitally wherever possible and the Government Transformation Strategy 2017 - 2020 calls for improved skills in Agile project and programme management,” said Geof Ellingham, a director at the Agile Business Consortium.

“This new course and qualification will help meet those twin goals by tailoring AgilePM to the public sector and aligning it with existing civil service guidance, enabling a consistent approach to implementing GDS standards in an Agile way.”

The Consortium is calling for organisations from across the public sector spectrum to sign up to the next stages of the framework’s development.

“The feedback from the early prototype trials has already substantially strengthened the framework and helped make it more directly relevant to the workplace,” Geof added.

The private beta testing will be fully-funded by the not-for-profit Agile Business Consortium while organisations taking part in the public beta trial will be offered the training course for the new accreditation at a discounted rate. The new course will take up to five days to deliver and is expected to be finalised in early 2018.

Organisations interested in taking part in the beta phase of AgilePM and Digital Services should contact the Agile Business Consortium at or on 01233 611162.
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