Brexit? Article 50? We don’t care anymore. Or at least that’s the impression we’re getting from clients in the UK, writes Fiona Czerniawska of Source.

With hard Brexit driving the political agenda and a real danger that we emerge from two years of wrangling with not a single trade agreement in place, many British businesses are deciding that they can’t afford to wait and see. Nothing about the political process to date would give a senior executive even a modicum of comfort that politicians have understood, or perhaps been honest about, the scale of the challenge ahead.

Our data suggests that, in the absence of anything else, organisations are going to find their own way through Brexit. Some will leave; many more are likely to want to minimise the upheaval by moving jobs and operations overseas, while keeping others here. The key weapon in their armoury is technology. Greater automation may make it easier to move some operations overseas while keeping others in the UK, shedding jobs in the process; much as US organisations, looking to repatriate some of the foreign operations, aren’t necessarily going to return jobs to America. Technology will also give people more choices: you can start to see a world in which systems have the ability to cope with different trade and regulatory regimes so that adapting to change becomes more akin to throwing a switch or turning a dial.