Written from the experience and wisdom of a branding & communications career spanning nearly four decades, Robert Bean’s ‘Winning in Your Own Way: The Nine and a Half Golden Rules of Branding’ is a practical guide to strategic brand development that anyone can understand.

Covering everything from what is a brand and brand development to implementation, management and mis-management, Bean is on a mission to make this mysterious area of business both imaginative and snappy. He’s succeeded with gusto!

With a client list including BMW, BT and GlaxoSmithKline, it’s safe to say that Robert Bean knows a thing or two about branding. In fact, his 38 years at the industry’s helm makes him a globally-renowned and respected expert. It’s also afforded him the opinion that, at its core, few people actually understand branding at all.

In his new book, Bean unravels the strategies and process of branding so any organization or leader can grab it by the horns, put it in place and reap the benefits. Few believed Bean could make branding an enjoyable challenge – but that’s exactly what he’s done.

‘Winning in Your Own Way: The Nine and a Half Golden Rules of Branding’ is a simple and common sense guide to true branding success.


"Winning In Your Own Way" is a practical guide to strategic Brand Development, based on the experiences of a leading brand development practitioner. Its objective is to de-bunk the mystery around how Brands are created, changed, managed and mis-managed. The book is based on real and personal examples from a 38-year career with companies including BMW, BT, Honda, The Body Shop, Glaxo SmithKline, Rolls-Royce the Liberal Democrats and more. It is structured around the ten golden rules (expressed as nine and a half golden rules) learnt from the companies mentioned and from having been employee, Client, entrepreneur and consultant. Presented in full-color throughout, this is a business book with a difference, illustrating its points with style and elegance.
“There’s a certain artistry behind branding but, thankfully, it’s by no means the preserve of the big, rich & famous. Anyone with customers, competitors and staff should be on top of it,” explains Bean. “I debunk many myths so anyone can understand how branding can work for them, before taking actionable steps to develop their own strategy and execute it with focus and confidence.”

Continuing, “Anyone engaged in the branding, business development or transformation process needs a copy of the book. Do believe me when I say you can read it in a day! Branding doesn’t have to be convoluted, and you’re about to see why!”

Since its release, dozens of business leaders have come out of the woodwork with positive reviews. For example, lastminute.com’s Group MD Simon Thompson commented, “Robert Bean is a difficult man. I have never had so many heated debates with anyone in my career. He always tells the truth and this is highly irritating. What really pains me is the man is almost always right. If you want to improve your business, read this book. If you want an easy commercial life and want to continue in happy denial, don’t.”

Adrian Hosford, Group Director, Corporate & Social Responsibility, BT adds, “This book delivers essential insight without preaching. With disarming candour he gets right to the heart of what needs to be done to succeed in today's complex markets. All done with beautifully accurate observations. His charm & precision articulates distilled wisdom in a way that inspires us all to go further.”

Oliver Bolitho, Managing Director of Goldman Sachs, Asia, writes, “This book contains a gem of an idea for every reader. Brand and Reputation are at the heart of every decision we make. Robert has lived this more than most.”

‘Winning in Your Own Way: The Nine and a Half Golden Rules of Branding’, from Management Books 2000 Ltd, is available now:http://amzn.to/2ejZYz9.

For more information, visit the author’s official website: http://www.robertbeanbranding.com.

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