In his latest book ‘Technology vs. Humanity’, futurist Gerd Leonhard asks “how can society stay in control as machines enter deeper into our lives, our bodies and eventually our brains”.
This ground breaking new book by futurist and humanist Gerd Leonhard explores the critical challenges and choices we face in balancing mankind’s urge to upgrade and automate everything (including human biology itself) with our timeless quest for freedom and happiness.

The ever quickening pace of digital transformation has driven a migration from the mainframe to the desktop to the laptop to the smartphone to wearables and soon to brain-computer interfaces. As we blur the distinction between human and machine with implants and ingestible inserts, Gerd Leonhard makes a last-minute clarion call for an honest debate and a more philosophical exchange on what society needs and wants and how to steer the relentless pace of technological innovation.

Leonhard argues that “Before it’s too late, we must stop and ask the big questions: How do we embrace technology without becoming it? How do we ensure all technological progress is geared towards the service of humanity? When it happens—gradually, then suddenly—the machine era will create the greatest watershed in human life on Earth and we as humans have to be in control of it.”

In ‘Technology vs. Humanity’ Leonhard puts a spotlight on the issues and developments that will shape our world:

• What are the technological megashifts that will transform life, work, business, the economy, and government?

• Will scientific advances enable the next generation live to be 200?

• Is Digital Obesity the next big pandemic?

• Are we approaching the end of work-as-we-know-it?

• Will we all be eating printed food in the future?

• Why don't ‘Big Data’, the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence have the same kind of global governance policies and standards that we’ve demanded and imposed on previous technological revolutions such as nuclear power?

• How can we address the urgent need for Digital Ethics before Silicon Valley and its cohorts assume mission control for the species previously known as homo sapiens?

We are rushing ever faster towards a society shaping clash between technology and humanity. So, if we are indeed the last fully ‘human-only’ generation on Planet Earth, shouldn't 2016 see the start of a conversation about where all this is leading?

Gerd asks us; what moral values are we prepared to stand up for—before being human alters its meaning forever?

Gerd Leonhard is a new kind of futurist schooled in the humanities as much as in technology. In his most provocative book to date, he explores the exponential technological changes swamping our societies, providing rich insights and deep wisdom for business leaders, professionals and anyone with decisions to make in this new era.

Presenting the kind of big-picture analysis once practised by Greek philosophers, Technology vs. Humanity challenges us as humans to remain toolmakers rather than become toolmade.

‘Technology vs. Humanity’ by Gerd Leonhard is published 8th September by Fast Future Publishing.

It is the second book in Fast Future Publishing’s FutureScapes series which looks at the core issues and ideas shaping the future agenda for mankind.
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