Sacha Romanovitch was recently appointed Chief Executive of Grant Thornton. After three months in the role, Sacha spoke to the Management Consultancies Association (MCA) about her vision for the firm, its consulting practice and the performance of the UK economy.

What is your vision for where Grant Thornton is going in the market place?

My clear focus is about us making a difference to the UK and helping to create a vibrant economy where business and people can thrive. I love the MCA’s strapline a positive force for the economy because that absolutely fits with what I have set out for the firm.

Our ambition is to become the go-to firm for growth by 2020. We work with many of the UK’s mid-size and growing dynamic businesses. These businesses have driven the UK economic recovery, grown through the downturn, and contributed £262 billion to UK GDP in 2014. They are going to continue to be the engine room of growth for the UK economy.

Very deliberately we have defined our ambition by the impact that we have on our clients and the value we are creating, and the world in which we operate. As a consequence of making that impact, we shall also be more profitable.

What are the main issues around growth and the performance of the UK economy?

Our position is stepping back and asking ‘what do we think really drives a vibrant business economy?’ We have drawn it down into three elements if you are looking at the economy on a macro level: