Design, engineering and project management consultancy Atkins and the Management Consultancies Association (MCA) will be jointly hosting an event on 16 June 2015 that will look at how digital, infrastructure and advisory expertise can combine to create even greater value.

This free event, which concludes the MCA’s Year of Digital and will be held at the Royal Academy of Engineering in London, has been created especially for those involved in infrastructure delivery, including policy-makers, engineering companies and advisory firms.

Panellists for the interactive ‘Question Time’ style debate have been drawn from the worlds of consulting, engineering, infrastructure and digital. They include representatives from Atkins, EE, MCA and Mott Macdonald with others still to be confirmed. Each will share their insights on a range of topics looking at how digital is already delivering practical value on the ground and how that can improve in the future.

Geoff Kneen from Atkins, who also sits on the MCA board said: “The UK demands faster, greener, more reliable and better value infrastructure. We will need to harness the energies of the UK’s designers, engineers and project managers to achieve this. But we will also need experts who understand how digital can be deployed to manage and interrogate data, improve design and increase efficiency. This debate will provide an opportunity to explore these opportunities and needs.”

Paul Connolly, director of MCA Think Tank said: “The MCA’s Year of Digital has highlighted how management consulting firms are critical to the digital value chain. Expert in the whole range of digital disciplines, consultants deploy their skills as advisers to explain digital’s benefits in terms that resonate with business leaders. MCA member firms are also central to improving the UK’s infrastructure, supporting the financing, planning, execution and assurance of many major programmes.”

To register your interest in attending this evening event please visit: or if you have any queries, please contact Rhiannon Thompson on Rhiannon.thompson@atkinsglobal.comread more