Molten: The future of work – a journey to 2022


The way people are working is changing - technology, data analytics, social media and ways of communicating are evolving. Different and diverse generations mean that traditional career models could become extinct. These developments will have a fundamental impact on how UK business will attract, retain and motivate a talented workforce. read more

Molten: Who’s Better at Strategy: CFOs or CSOs?


Thirty years ago, strategy was the CEO's job. Since then, as the composition of top executive teams has changed, responsibility for leading strategy development has been shared by more members of the C-suite. The 1990s saw the rise of the strategic CFO, and more recently many companies have created a chief strategy officer (CSO) position. read more

Gartner: Streaming Super Bowl 50 on Connected Devices is a Win for Marketers - Smarter With Gartner via


A little extra spend goes a long way. Contributor: Christy Pettey When the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos take the field for Super Bowl 50, they will be kicking off in front of the widest possible number of viewers who don't watch traditional television. In 2012, NBC provided access to Super Bowl XLVI to customers via digital streams from its website and to tablet owners via its NBC Sports Live Extra app. In the intervening years, the NFL's broadcast partners have increased the number of streaming options. For Super Bowl 50, the league and its broadcast partner, CBS, have expanded the streaming options to an even-greater number of connected-TV devices, such as Xbox One, Roku's set-top boxes, Apple TV, Google's Chromecast and tablets. This year's coverage brings another first: Consumers streaming the coverage will also see all the national advertising. In selling its ad slots, CBS required buyers to offer their ads in the digital stream as well as in the more

Strategy&: Adapt, disrupt, transform, disappear: The 2015 Chief Digital Officer Study


The CDOs themselves, more than 40 percent of whom are members of the C-suite, come from a variety of backgrounds, but by far the most common is marketing and sales, followed by technology. This suggests just how differently the CDOs and the companies that hire them imagine the role, and how varied the digital needs and pace of transformation are from one company to another. read more

Accenture: IT Tech Trends 2016 – Accenture Technology Vision


Winners in the digital age do much more than complete a technology checklist. They know their success hinges on people. Understanding changing customer needs and behaviors is, of course, hugely important. But the real deciding factor in the digital era will be the ability to evolve corporate culture. read more

Capgemini Consulting: Melding of software and hardware


Did it all start with the apple iPod? The perfectly joined up user experience with the cool device, allowing a one-stop shop to evolve into a global cloud platform: iTunes. Where does this leave independent software makers offering device solutions? Will analytic software makers get marginalised?read more

ThoughtWorks: Write Better Tests in 5 Steps...


The points I'm going to discuss here helped me a lot to become more aware of my tests and what I can do to improve them. If you have experience in writing tests, you probably know most of what I'm going to talk about, but it's still good to refresh your memory and add more references on the subject. read more

Baringa Partners: Baringa Partners mentioned in today's special report on the Business of Management Consulting:


Clients are primarily looking to consultancies to fill capability gaps, to independently analyse, review and challenge their business and to bring discipline to major cross-functional projects. These are not new requirements, but Ian Peters, director, customer-facing strategy at Centrica, the energy services company, says the use of consultants is driven by the accelerating pace of more

SAP IBP Series: Sales & Operations Planning


In our discussions with customers around the world, it is clear that following the introduction of SAP’s Integrated Business Planning (IBP) there, is still a great deal of uncertainty and confusion around SAP’s SCM roadmap. Olivehorse blog. read more

Accenture: Digital Disruption: The Growth Multiplier


Growing the digital economy While organizations are taking advantage of digital technologies, many economies remain digitally immature. Even though Accenture Strategy research estimates that the digital economy, involving some form of digital skills and digital capital, represents 22.5 percent of the world economy, digital's ability to unlock value is far from being fully exploited. read more

Efficio Expands Its Technology Capability with Dedoko Acquisition


Efficio, the procurement experts, today announced the acquisition of the development and management team of Dedoko, a leading web application development company based in Southampton, together with Dedoko’s IP assets. The acquisition comes three weeks after Efficio announced a minority investment by private equity firm Livingbridge.

read more